Super Screenshot V1.03

Screenshots can be called super-phone client software screenshot strongest, bringing in
simplified and traditional Chinese and English
Draw on open source softwaremag glass 10×10 Super Screenshot v1.03 S60v3 S60v5 software screenshot Screenshot, Screenshots original engine, makes the software (super screenshot) can be interception, including desktop wizard, magic-for-message, desktop, including almost all the Chinese in the screen display design
With a watermark feature to set up switches, and can customize the watermark pattern, give you a screenshot of icing on the cake, personalized full
Watermark document data \ superscreenshot \ watermark.mbm
-Improve Watermark function, support select the picture which’s bigger than mobile screen as Watermark 

SpeedySmsSave V0.1

The scope of this utility is to save all the sending and receiving messages in separated files…

Battery For 5800 Software

This may seem a crude application to most, but for me it was a learning experience and an effort worth a good 2 hours!
It’s a simple widget that shows you the battery level and an estimated usage time remaining.
A quick thanks to me
ntion the help received on Nokia Forums.
Please post all feedback and suggestions.


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