Touchscreen Nokia devices now get official IM support too!

Nokia Messaging for IM has been around for quite a long time but was only supported by S60 3rd edition devices until today. The Finnish company finally released a special version of the instant messaging client for S60 5th edition phones, allowing users to chat directly from their phone using an official application. The client can handle Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger, Windows Live Messenger and Ovi Chat but does not support audio and video call features.

What's new with this version is the addition of a widget that lets you check the ongoing conversations at a glance directly from your homescreen. Another nice addition is the ability to change your avatar directly from the application without having to browse a specific webpage. Hence, you can use a freshly capture photo as a profile picture without having to transfer it to your computer or to use any other application.

Here's a little preview of the application:

Nokia redefines ugly with the X5-01

Today in Nokia's event Nokia Connections, a brand new addition was introduced to X series, being the X5-01. Not to be confused with the BMW (which is probably why they added to -01!) the Nokia X5-01 actually does take after the SUV by being bulky in design. The phone follows the X series trend of being a music specialized phone yet is in the cheaper segment. Below is our take on it.
The Nokia X5 is a slider phone with a 2.36 inch non-touch screen and a QWERTY keyboard. When closed, the user has access to the right and left menu buttons, in addition to the D-pad, Calling, Menu, and a dedicated music button. The button takes you immediately to the music player and hence the phone being under the X (ex-XpressMusic) series. When slide is open, the phone boasts a full QWERTY keyboard. Although pictures make it look bulky and huge, the phone is actually relatively on the smaller scale being 74.3mm x 66.4mm x 16.8mm and only 130g heavy. Pictures of the phone being held in people's hands indicate that the phone fits perfectly well in a palm. The phone also has social networking capabilities seeing that it is a feature music lovers would expect in their phones. Its QWERTY keyboard makes it easy to tweet, update your status on Facebook, e-mail your friends on the go and upload and share pictures using its 5MP camera. Also, we are told that the phone will contain an accelerometer which will make the phone shuffle songs when spun, and it will tell you how many unread messages there are when shaken! Naturally, the phone X5 "Comes with Music" which means that its owners will have access to over four million songs. Furthermore, Ovi Music is pre-installed on the phone.
The interesting part is that the announcement about the phone's launch tiered it as a cheaper phone to be launched first in Indonesia. Perhaps this mirrors a strategy by Nokia at targeting the lower incomes countries and expanding its market shares there as the iPhone and Androids take over North America and Europe. The phone's launch price is EUR 165, or USD 200, which is not much given what this phone can do. However one reason why it could be so cheap is the fact that although it is designed to be a music player, it does not have a hard disk, and only has 200MB of internal memory and a MicroSD card of 2GBs included, expandable to up to 32GB. Now at NokiaLB thoughts ranged about the design. Some see it as ugly and too square while others saw as a fashionable multicolored disc-man resembling phone. Of course we leave it to the readers to decide whether they like it or not, however, we have to mention that the different colors available being yellow, blue, pink, black and violet can cater to many tastes, especially among the younger generation.

Oxygen SMS and Phonebook Manager

Oxygen SMS and Phonebook Manager program allows you to communicate with your Nokia 5110, 5130, 5190, 6110, 6130, 6150 or 6190 phone using PC. You can send and receive short messages using SMS, read, edit and rewrite your phonebook, use it when sending messages, watch battery and signal levels. You will also learn how to connect your mobile phone to a PC.

The program works under Microsoft Windows'95, 98, Windows NT and Windows 2000 operating systems family

Version 1.2.1, shareware.

Registered version allows writing entries to the phonebook, does not send short messages informing recipient that you are using the program and starts from $35.

Main features: Watches phone battery and incoming signal level.

Reads SMS center number from phone memory.
Reads message stored in SMS inbox at startup.
Sends short messages up to 160 characters long.
Shows incoming short messages as they come.
Reads phonebook either from SIM or phone memory into PC.
Allows to edit and rewrite phonebook.
Encoding/decoding phonebook stored in phone memory.
Detects model number.
Saving incoming SMS messages in a text file.


Oxygen SMS and phonebook manager
(830k) for Nokia 5110, 5130, 5190, 6110, 6130, 6150, 6190 mobile phones. Shareware version.


Mail us
if you have any problems or suggestions concerning the Oxygen SMS and phonebook manager.


Settings and status page:

SMS sending and receiving page:

Phonebook page:


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