CardStar App For BlackBerry Smartphones Coming May 1st

What is CardStar you say? Its a very cool little app that lets you store all of your "convenience cards" in one place. Instead of having loads of cards or keytags for the video store, gym, car rental agencies, pet store, library, hotels or supermarkets, you just need the CardStar app on your mobile device. You simply enter your card information, and the bardcode can be displayed right on the screen. No more carting around loads of plastic cards that get lost and worn out. There are loads of retailers in the CardStar database, and you can submit a request for addional retailers if yours isn't listed in the system.

The CardStar app is listed as coming soon, and a tweet by @mycardstard yesterday stated the app will be hitting BlackBerry on May 1st. Definitely something to look forward to. I know I'm excited to ditch all those worn out tags on my keychain in

CrackBerry Exclusive: PushLife *Beta* for BlackBerry Smartphones - A Better Way To Listen To Your Music!

* Note: Turns out the beta isn't available for the Storm just yet. If you have a Storm and want in on the beta send an email to and they'll get you the Storm version when it becomes available. Sorry about that! *

PushLife is a new music application for BlackBerry Smartphones that seeks to change how you listen to and manage your music on your BlackBerry. Managing music on mobile devices has never really been an easy task for me. It seems no matter how much effort I put into organizing and ensuring items are named and tagged correctly I always end up with a disorganized batch of music on my BlackBerry. After checking out PushLife, I'm liking what I see and it looks to be a way to keep my music better organized.

Now, the folks at PushLife are getting set to release their application via a major carrier announcement next month but as an exclusive offer to the CrackBerry community they've given us a slightly slimmed down version of what will be released for CrackBerry readers to check out (music purchasing disabled in this version). iTunes and Windows Media player synchronization, Twitter sharing of music, editing of ID3 tags on the go and more. That's just some of the features available in PushLife so read on for more information. As for getting in the beta, PushLife is going to limit to the first thousand beta testers, so from your BlackBerry's web browser to download it now!

As I mentioned, PushLife will work with Windows Media Player and iTunes for synchronization. The synchronization process is all done through USB and allows you to pick and choose what in your music collection you wish to transfer to and from your device. Want that all 80's playlist of WHAM you created in iTunes on your BlackBerry? No problem just put a check mark in the box and it will transfer over to your BlackBerry. PushLife supports ACC, AMR, MIDI, MP3, WAV and WMA files so limitations on file types are quite slim with the exception of DRM music you may have in your collection. Those are not supported by PushLife or BlackBerry devices. If you have video files that are supported such as AVI, MP4 or 3GP those will be transferred as well if you decided to. Just keep in mind not all BlackBerry devices support all those formats of video.

In addition to the synchronization process which transfers your album art, PushLife after synching also brings something new to the table. Once your music is synched and checked from within PushLife, you'll find that all of your added files now have additional data available to viewed from your device. This is a service which PushLife refers to as "Jewel Case". The additional data added could be anything from artist bios to pics and even lyrics. All which provides insight to the music you're listening to by offering information from around the web to you.

Now you're good to go. Music at your fingtips from your own personal collections and play lists. The now playing screen allows for easy navigation back and forth through menus. No need to interrupt your already playing music to get at what you want. You can even rate songs, adjust playlists and much more from this screen. Here is where you may also access all that additional data that was transferred such as bios and lyrics

Official BlackBerry Tumblr Application Now Available

As trentm in the forums posted, Tumblr has rolled out their own official BlackBerry application. Personally, I'm a Posterous fan myself but if you frequent using Tumblr you'll want to check the app out for sure. From what I can tell, all native Tumblr functions are in place within the app. For example text, audio and even video show as being supported features and this is only the first version. Give it shot if you are a Tumblr user and let us know how it works out for ya.

More Sexy BlackBerry Pearl 9100 Photos Emerge

It was back in November when we posted some of the first live images of the BlackBerry Pearl 9100 here on CrackBerry. These photos might not be breaking news, but as BlackBerry lovers it's impossible to not love checking out some fresh pre-release pics. The crew of Tecnomovida landed some new photos of the upcoming Pearl 9100 which show off this little beauty. Nothing really new to look at per se, but some of the photos are at different angles than have been posted on previously which give even more perspective to what the new 3G Pearl will be like to hold. The device is still sporting the SureType keyboard and running OS, and also has some Curve 85xx style media keys on the top.
I'll be off to CTIA in Vegas next week where new devices often get announced by carriers and manufacturers. That being the case, I'm not expecting to see an announcement on the new Pearl next week. It does seems to be getting closer, however, so hopefully we'll hear about it "officially" sometime between CTIA and WES at the end of April. Hit the jump for some more shots.
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