Skype for Windows Mobile 3.0

Ultra Mp3 1.52 for Symbian

Ultra Mp3 1.52 for Symbian

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  • Operating system:
  • Date added: September 25, 2007
  • Total Downloads: 749,189
  • Downloads last week: 4,546

  • Average user rating: 3.5 stars out of 44 votes
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iSkoot for Skype (BlackBerry) 1.1.60

  iSkoot for Skype (BlackBerry) 1.1.60

HTC Google Nexus One Review

From the plethora of Android devices that have been lurking around the market lately, only a few seemed to appeal to fans of the operating system. Even though Google's name should pretty much make sure that a device is sold in large quantities, I believe that the main attraction of Nexus One is the latest Android 2.1 OS. Since Google launched its first G1 smartphone, back in 2008, there were lots of rumors about a second device, much better in terms or performance

download Sketch Theme

download IT Systems V2.0 Software

Would you like record SMS and voice calls silently? Do you want to find out where your child or employee is right now?

Smartphone spy software “Daddy’s Eye” let you the opportunity to record voice calls and SMS in completly stealth mode. All recorded activities can be transfered by two modes: directly to your E-mail or to your Daddy’s Eye account. You can get access to the account by any computer via internet. Also phone geolocation marked on map at Daddy’s Eye account
“Daddy’s Eye” Features

* recording incoming/outgoing SMS silently
* recording incoming/outgoing voice calls silently
* using memory light AMR format
* minimal

appliaction for symbian S60V5 by Nokia Zero

SUPPORTED BY Nokia 5800, 5530, 5230, N97, X6, Samsung i8910 HD and Sony Ericsson Satio

download Shot Gun Symbian App For Nokia S60v5 Mobiles

ShotGun is an accelerometer-based shotgun application. To load it, “pump” it down, then up. To shoot, move the loaded

download World Fun Facts Lite App For Nokia S60v5 Mobiles

Did you know that Coca-Cola was originally green, or that numbers 1-36 on casino roulette add up to the mystical 666, or that 0

V-Menu Signed Software download

Think we should always enter aMobileFunction, Start aSoftware, To how to do? Press about the white function keys to

office for 5800 n97 Quick Office 6.2

Please sign it 1st

1- not asking for base package
2- can be installed in any drive c,e or f (Saves phone memory)

b4 all un-install any previuos office from ur device

Note :Choose Trial version (11709702) days

This is not my work all from KBJ, And this not double post as it can be installed on either drive.

Features :

* NEW! Language support for French, Italian, German, and Spanish.
* View & Edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint attachments on your device.
* Create & Save new Word, Excel and PowerPoint files on your device.
* Retain file formats with no data loss.
* Easy, intuitive desktop look and feel.
* Advanced folder and file management capabilities.
* Support for complex formulas.
* Complete graphical editing.
* Advanced editing of text, lists, tables, style, and formatting.
* Free spell check dictionaries in multiple languages.
* Add images to Word and PowerPoint.
* Advanced email integration with Mail for Exchange.


download Ninety Nine Ninjas Game For Nokia S60v5 Mobiles

Your master has disappeared, your clan slaughtered, your girl taken… you are the last of 99 Ninja’s.
As a master assassin in the mobile game y

download nUnlocker Application For Nokia S60v5 Mobiles

The co

only in Nokia Zero Review Nokia X6 Specifications And Features

Capable of playing up to 35 hours of music, the Nokia X6 is a powerful entertainment device, combining 32GB of on-board memory with a slick 3.2″ finger touch interface. The ultimate device for music lovers and social butterflies, the Nokia X6 has a 16:9 widescreen optimised for photos, videos and browsing. With direct access to Ovi Store, the Nokia X6 is a hive of activity that brings 20 friends and virtual communities, like Facebook, to your homescreen.

To make the most of the entertainment experience, Nokia introduced the Nokia Mini Speaker MD-9, a pocket-si

Download Free iSMS Application For Nokia S60v5 Mobiles

Free-iSMS is an iPhone-style SMS chat software for Symbian S60 phones. iPhone-style SMS manager and display system for s60v

download Slide Unlock Application For Nokia S60v5 Mobiles

Lock your S60V5 completely customized by you which is the default style of the images or the sound have iPhone style change image among many other things.
uninstall any previous version before installing this


download IPhone Theme For Nokia S60v5 Mobiles

Very cool IPhone style theme for Nokia 5800, N97, Nokia 5530, Nokia 5230, X6 & Nokia 5235 Mobile Phones .

download Best Timer Application For Nokia S60v5 Mobiles

Best Timer – all about measuring time.
It can turn your phone into powerful stopwatch with lots of functions. Your girlfriend says she’ll be ready in 2 minutes? Just check how long it really takes Additionally it allows you to set up any number of custom timers with a name, time to count down and a signal to be played when the time is over. Pizza timers, tea timers, custom reminders – just anything you need to count down!

download Armageddon Squadron Motion sensor Game For S60v5 Mobiles

Download Armageddon Squadron – v.1.0.5 For s60v5

sis signer for pc download Symbian SIS Signer PC Software Collection

Download top 4 sis signer and unsigner PC software collection + 1 sis signer for your phone ,( means you can sign apps in your mobile as well ) ,

download Quick Search Widget For Nokia S60v5 Mobiles

Q Search” (Q for Quick), and it’s simply a search-page launcher – but one that’s optimized for the least number of clicks from the home page of the phone.
It can be installed as a “Home S

download Default Black Symbian Theme For Nokia S60v5 Mobiles

download Hajj and Umrah Application For Nokia S60v5 Mobiles

download Hajj and Umrah Application For Nokia S60v5 Mobiles

download nShaver Application For Nokia S60v5 Mobiles

Like to have fun?
Have you ever wanted to shave off your friends hair?
Want to know someone

download Latest MicroPool Game For Nokia S60v5 Mobiles

MicroPool is a sophisticated pool simulator.
The key strength of Micropool are great atmposphere, realistic graphics and sounds.
The extremely fast loading time and the convenient user interface makes it a good companion for your free time.

download BMI Calculator Application For Nokia S60v5 Mobiles

BMI Calculator is ver

download Wikipedia Reader Widget For Nokia S60v5 Mobiles

Coming out of the Symbian Fo

download Advance SMS Application For Nokia S60v5 Mobiles

download Advance SMS Application For Nokia S60v5 Mobiles
  • Power up your SMS capabilties with AdvanceSMS by Killer Mobile! AdvanceSMS is a feature packed Native Symbian S60 application that adds must have features to the native SMS messaging application. One try and you’ll wonder how you lived without it! Don’t take our word for it, download a FULL FEATURED 14 DAY DEMO now and see for yourself.
  • Every Killer SMS f

download X-plore 1.41 File Manager For Nokia S60v5 Mobiles


download Car Racing HD Game For Nokia S60v5 Mobiles

Become a VIP and own the urban racing world!

download Voice Recorder Touch Application For Nokia S60v5 Mobiles

download Voice Recorder Touch Application For Nokia S60v5 Mobiles

Voice recording was never

download Finger Print Application For Nokia S60v5 Mobiles

free download Fingerprint Nokia X6

free download Fingerprint Nokia X6
Play a trick with your friend to unlock the phone with your fingerprint!

When the FingerPrint screen pops up, you need to touch your finger to the screen to be “scanned” for your identity, there will be vibration and beep sounds during the scan. The phone will be unlocked not depend on whose finger it is, but on how many beeps or vibrations since your finger touch the screen 
free download Fingerprint Nokia X6
Unlock Condition (times) – Beep/Vibrate times to unlock
free download Fingerprint Nokia X6
- if you set it to 0, once your finger is removed, the phone will be unlocked!
- if you set it to 3, remove your finger after hearing 3 beeps or the phone vibrate for 3 times, the phone will beunlocked! Otherwise, an “Access Denied” red box will be displayed 


Fast Installer Application For Nokia S60v5 Mobiles

For the mass installation of a directory of all files (sis, sisx, jar)
Can skip the installation of various dialog boxes
1. Installed error in the current di

Download Carbide.ui Theme Edition V3.4 Theme Creator For Nokia Mobiles

Carbide.ui Theme Edition is the best program of its kind. It is a theme editor and theme creator for Nokia mobile phones. It supports S60 and S40 devices. The S40 series themes are supported, but the program is mainly created for S60 devices. S60 themes have the extensions “*.SIS” and “*.SISX”. S40 themes have the extension “*.NTH”. Now, S60 themes are only supported in devices which mostly have the symbian OS. S40 is generally used with devices with Nokia OS. The program seems to support 1000 customizable theme elements in the S60 User Interface.

This software is just great. It can be used to customize all the elements of a theme file. You can create a new theme file with customized ringtones, a background picture, colors, icons, popup win

download Zip Manager Touch Application For Nokia S60v5 Mobiles

After you download several a

Fruity Racoon Game For Nokia S60v5 Mobiles

Fruity Racoon Game For Nokia S60v5 Mobiles

Fruity Racoon is a fun, fast and colorful action game. Guide the Racoon in the forest and help him eat the fruits and avoid insects or bombs. Watch out as it gets harder and harder!


download Download Holy QURAN For Nokia S60v5 Mobiles

download Download Holy QURAN For Nokia S60v5 Mobiles

Read the full Holy Quran in othmani font, search for words, bookmark any Ayah or Sura using a multi-lingual interface, listen to the Quran narrated by famous reciters “Al-Hudhaifi, El Sodasyi and El shor

download Huge Battery Widget For Nokia S60v5 Mobiles


Nokia Custom Dictionary Application For Nokia S60v5 Mobiles

Edit the list of words used by the phone for text prediction and transfer it between phones.

Nokia Custom Dictionary is designed to offer an easy way to manage the custom dictionary on your Symbian S60 smartphone.

The custom dictionary is used for storing your personal words that are used frequently while typing. These words are then used in predictive text input.
Here are some key features of “Nokia Custom Dictionary”:

· View all the words in your custom dictionary
· Add new words to it
· Edit and Delete existing words
· Export the dictionary as xml file
· Import words from an xml file
· Scan text files to import all the words
· Transfer your dictionary to another phone


Resco Photo Viewer

A mobile photo album

Use to view, organize and share your images an

Nice Calculator Software

NiceCalc3 Lite V-1.0 is a nice calculator application for Symbian S60 5th edition based mobiles such as Nokia 5800

Free Darts Game

If you love throwing point

downloads MR Lock

Mr Lock is a utility application for Symbian S60 V5 based mobiles (Nokia 5800, N97, Nokia 5530, Nokia 5230, X6 & Nokia 5235). Mr Lock allows you to set auto lock timing for your mobile. Once enabled, it automatically locks your mobile.

You can enable auto lock functionality in any of your selected profile or on all profiles. You can also set this functionality on any perticular application or on all application. The auto lock period can be set in seconds. It also allows you to set exceptions (i.e. the applications on which you does not want auto lock).

Mr Lock application might be useful for some. For me, it does not make much sense. You can get this small application from the following link.


Download Free JFog Funny

Here is a fun Java application jFog V2.10(0) for Symbian S60 5th edition based devices

Maps Car Racing Game For Nokia

OVI Maps Racing is a car racing game for Symbian S60 5th edition touch screen mobile devices. The game works with Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, N97, N97 Mini, X6, 5230, 5233 and 5530 XpressMusic. OVI Maps Racing game is developed and published by Nokia.

download Free Weight Tracker Touch Application For Nokia 5800 Mobiles


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