SmartChat v3.40

Communicate in real time with online friends who use MSN Messenger whether they’re on their computer or mobile phone. Using SmartChat, you can access a full array of instant messaging functions. With SmartChat’s Multimedia Messaging enabled, you can take a picture, or even a voice note, and then send it to an email address or another cell phone that is Multimedia Messaging-enables.


download Smartphoneware Best Crypto v3.01

Best Crypto application is designed for electronic data protection. It provides you with a user-friendly graphical interface for encrypting and decrypting your sensitive data. Behind easy to use interface, its powerful cryptography engine is using industry standard secure crypto algorithms (RC6 (ECB-Mode) ciphering with 256-bits keys and MD5 algorithm) to give you absolute, almost unbreakable security.


download Virtual Psicologhyst

Description: Tired of paying the consultations of the psychologist?
Arrived in the form of ZED, your staff psychologist. Create an identity and makes the test more comprehensive psychological.. The psychologist will give you the result


download ActiveSMSLock

Active SMS Lock can help you protect your SMS message with passwords so others won?t be able to read them. You will be able to protect your inbox and your outbox from unwanted eyes. Enter the correct password to see the messages! Simple as that! The application is available for FREE!
The Default PIN code is 12345.
Nokia 3250, 5500 Sport, 6290, 6650 T-Mobile, N71, N73, N75, N80, N91, N92, N93, N93i, E50, E51, E60, E61, E61i, E62, E65, E70
- Symbian OS 9.1, S60 rel. 3.0 with basic capabilities
Nokia 5700, 6110 Navigator, 6120 Classic, 6121 Classic, 6124 Classic, N77, N78, N81, N82, N92, N95, E90
- Symbian OS 9.2, S60 rel. 3.1 with basic capabilities
Nokia 6210 Navigator, 6220 Classic, N78, N79, N85, N96


download Ulead PhotoExpress

Photo Express M-style is an on-phone imaging editing software which enables users to retouch images, add frames, props, and create photo-inserted e-cards.

download Pix Sense

What is PixSense?
PixSense is a great, new way of uploading, sharing and managing photos and videos captured with your camera phone as easily as Click. Done.
Photos and videos captured from your camera phone get automatically

download Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel for nokia

download TelstraPlayer v3.02

1. This player development for the Australian telecommunications player, it is characterized by telecommunications service providers from there download music!
2. Is tested the multi-rm.wma.mp3.mp4 support of this broadcast. Aac.mmf and other music formats. And for rm/rmvb.3gp.avi format video files of audio players! Indeed powerful features!
3. Although the interface is in English, but easy to operate. This applies to all players in the third edition phone system (3250/N93/N80/N73 test pass!)

download Cinema 3D

The program shows to three-dimensional animations next to information on the cover of network or the received messages. In addition, it is possible to interactive with the animation moving with the keys of joystick, and to form the program so that one is to the animation when receiving new messages.
Copy the emz files (Animations) apps/EmdigoPlayer/data.

download SmartMovie 3.41+Converter, working on N70

I’ve got the latest Smart Movie V.3.41.All u guys have to do is First download n install V3.40….after the installation is done jus register it. The code is 00000.After this install V3.41…it’ll ask to overwrite, us select yes and u guys will have V3.41……Install the converter and unlock with the registered SM player be4 installing V3.41….The converter is below this.

download Phone Mouse v0.5

download Phone Mouse v0.5

PhoneMouse of the research center VTT, is a call sample “increased reality”, an experiment that allows to control the cursor of our Windows by means of the camera of a moving body Symbian S60 2ª edition.

The program consists of a servant in the PC that is in charge to receive the connection of the telephone via bluetooth, and a program client who we will install in the moving body. We connected, and simply moving the cellular one we obtained a wireless mouse with which to handle the computer. The program emulates the pulsations of the mouse, allows to move by windows emulating the wheel and has key of “escape”. Aside from its utility, that can be debatable, as concept is very interesting and the truth, is happening to handle the cursor with your super (movable) – mouse.


Restarter v1.04

Restarter is a Symbian Application to restart your phone, you can choose reboot immediately or other time you want.

download Coogeev

Coogee is for free download and use on cellphones. Coogee will give you fantastic experience in sending mobile files (e.g. photos, music, videos, games etc.) to MSN friends, SMS and email buddies.
Coogee Features:
1. Free download and use
2. Send mobile files to MSN friends, SMS and email buddies
3. Real time multimedia conversation: mobile to mobile and mobile to PC
4. Unlimited personal file storage
5. Built-in MSN instant messages
6. GPRS connection must be available – data traffic charged by carriers (More)

zakat calculator 2010 Zakat Calculator J2ME

Zakat Calculator

Zakat Calculator

Read, understand and calculate your Zakat with this Free Zakat Calculator. Contains a full authentic guide on Zakat based on the Quran (koran) and Sunnah, with full details. The first of its kind in this world!

Works on all mobiles and contains a thorough guide on how to give Zakat, when to give Zakat and who to give Zakat. The first of its kind in this world. The included guide contains Arabic verses where required and the software requires NO ARABIC SUPPORT – works right out of the box.
Calculating Zakat was never this easy. Carry it with you where you go. aims to deliver the Quran and Sunnah (and other islamic products) to our brothers and sisters using the latest technologies and platforms. We have many free services and softwares for which we only ask duas (supplications) and moral support. If you can support otherwise, please buy our softwares from our website.

download Cubix MP3 Player v3.00

BEST CHOICE! Amazing MP3 PLAYER with such features as: 3D VISUALIZATIONS, skinning, albums and M3U playlists support, 10-band graphical equalizer, playlist, and more! CHECK IT OUT!
CubiX MP3 Player is the ultimate choice for any music fan! You get a high quality MP3 player which lets you create your own playlist, displays amazing 3D visualizations, provides a 10-Band Graphical Equalizer, M3U, album support, skinning and much more!
CubiX MP3 Player is compatible with all Series 60 smartphones!

send free sms Cellity FreeSMS 1.2.4

NEW: Send SMS worldwide free of charge* with cellity freeSMS.
cellity – already known for its free mobile twitter client – offers a free SMS service*: cellity freeSMS, which is available now! Sending and receiving short messages results in no fees through cellity.
Your provider will not charge for any costly SMS anymore when you use our freeSMS tool -only the cost of data traffic (via GPRS) if any. And the best part: It works all over the world, with any cellphone contract. No new phone number, no new SIM card, no new contract required!

download SMS Forwarder v2.2 Lite Edition

Is a freeware application from Wireless Lab, the makers of power boat, that allows you to automatically forward incoming SMS text of messages to of A specified mobile phone numbers.

download free Sun Compass

Sun Compass is a program to show the north direction from the sun or moon position. It also gives you the direction to Makkah.

down load SysExplorer v0.22

SysExplorer is yet another file and system explorer for the Symbian OS platform. Developing this may look weird as some other excellent – sometimes free – alternatives already exist on the market. However, none of those alternatives meet all of our requirements so we decided to go with our own solution.

download ScanR v1.0

ScanR turns your Symbian camera phone into a scanner, copier and fax. Scan business cards, fax documents and capture whiteboard notes.


download MovaMail v2.0.7

MovaMail has been completely rewritten from the ground up for version 2. It`s the fastest way to get your Hotmail, Yahoo, POP3 or IMAP email to your mobile client. Supports reading email in all languages. Supports attachment handling and much more.


download Wellness Diary v1.01

Wellness Diary can be used for :

• Monitoring and tracking everyday wellness related issues
• Lifestyle management
• Monitoring, tracking and analyzing:
- Weight,
- Exercise,
- Number of steps,
- Eating management,
- Fat %,
- Sleep,
… and more.


download MultiCounter v1.0

download MultiCounter v1.0

Multiple Counter for Symbian S60 3rd edition. Press right to increase the current counter, or left to decrease the counter. Press up or down to go to the previous or next counter. You can add a new counter, or delete, and rename existing counters. You can also directly set the counter value. You can have unlimited counters with this application.

The data for the application are stored as text files in C:/data, which you can access using a file manager, or through the Desktop using Nokia PC Suite. Why is the data in a public directory? so you can import/backup your count to PC if you need it. The file count-data.txt contains the counter data (names of the counter and the count), the file count-names.txt contains only the names of the counter, and the file count-current.txt contains the current active counter.


download s60htmled v0.5

Easy insertion of HTML tags and entities using quick menu
Automatic control for the close tags (for tags such as strong, em, a, etc)
Fast moving through the text using hot keys and menus
The editor is written in Python using appuifw2 extension module.
The code was tested on Nokia E51 device and in S60 SDK emulator.


downlaod free Wordmobi v0.2.9

S60 client for Wordpress written in Python for Nokia mobile phones.

Show a fixed number of recent posts
Allow new posts with text and images
Post deletion
Post visualization
support for editing the published post.
Use your camera to add images during posting.
Support for later publishing(draft post)


download FreeSigner v1.01

2nd, revises FP2 many types to be unable to read the F plate document the question.
1st, revises in certain FP1 type establishes when once more certificate or the private key is unable to open the selection of file the question. (attention: This edition possibly opens before these FP1 type chooses the frame is unable the memory way, this for normal), revises establishes once more in the MR type demonstrated that “does not have the content” the question.


download MobiMonster2 SecureSpace v1.00

Store your Passwords, Banking, Credit Card Information & Expense List on your phone or develop custom lists. All data is encrypted ensuring that it cannot be viewed by a file explorer utility or any other third party application.


download Send SMS v1.86

Send sms with new symbols.

download Zensis SMS Lock v1.0

Lock your SMS with password to prevent others from seeing them. Works with SMS, Animated SMS and Avatar SMS in Inbox, Sent and Drafts. Use together with Animated SMS can allow you to view messages immediately from Inbox by entering the correct password every time!

download Zensis Theme DIY v1.50

The only software that lets you create your own personal theme right on your Nokia S60 phone! All is done in a few minutes! Pick any photo, choose from 12 theme templates, store up to 6 personalized themes, and bring a new look on your phone instantly. Changing theme has never been more easy and fun! It’s really a must-have for every S60 phones.


winamp player for nokia

Excellent sound quality, playlist, equalizer.
Aibo-Player is a multimedia player for your mobile device.
Supported for


download MobiMonster SMSTimer v1.00

SMS Timer springs into action every time you send a normal SMS from the messaging application of your phone and inquires if you want to send this SMS now or schedule it for later delivery. There are no limitations on the date, time, or the amount of Scheduled SMS that you can at any time. SMSTimer is infact the world’s most advanced SMS Scheduler application as it is tightly integrated with the normal messaging window of your phone and you have access to sent “scheduled” SMS from the Sent Items of your phone.SMS Timer is not just limited to scheduling SMS, but you also have complete control on the Scheduled SMS. You can edit, delete or re-schedule the SMS at any time by opening the main interface of the application located in Menu > MyOwn/Applications and then clicking on SMS Timer icon. The application can also be enabled/disabled as per your requirements and supports delivery reports, as per your phone settings, in effect, a truly integrated SMS application.

downlaod Verbs Dictionary OpenDictionary v1.00

Longman Contemporary PHRASAL VERBS Dictionary.It was out under the name of open dictionary.But now this one is just the phrasal verbs which just needs to be installed without having to add any other dictionaries.It contains almost all phrasal verbs in containing in The Longman Dictionary. This is actually The

download aED-Dloader v4.4.3

yes you can now download files from rapidshare just enter the download link and it will be automatically downloaded.

download Mobile Concise English Dictionary v4.0

Advanced English Dictionary with more than 1.4 million words but without links and relationship between the words. This application uses the same extensive database as

clock in your desk top RealVista Desktop

design on your mobile. Is Nokia’s default interface bored you? If your answer is yes, We strongly recommend you RealVista Desktop Mobile. It brings Windows Vista’s interface and

downlaod radio Geodesic Information Systems Ltd. Mundu Radio s60v3

Mundu Radio is a new and innovative mobile internet radio service. Mundu Radio offers users the opportunity to listen to unlimited music or content of choice
With Mundu Radio users can now live stream thousands of Internet Radio channels to their mobile phones and create their own unique listening experience. Mundu Radio offers users the opportunity to listen to music or content of choice from any part of the world on their mobile devices?for free! Users can access from over 7000 pre-defined digital internet radio stations and the broadest array of music and music-related content available on the Web today such as Pop, Rock, Classical, Oldies, Instrumental, World News, Sports, Weather, Stock updates and many more.Users can also personalize their play list and manage their
 profile using an easy to use interface giving users the ultimate freedom to listen to their favorite stations and their favorite genre commercial-free. Mundu Radio operates on Mobile phones with Internet connection (WiFi, GPRS, CDMA) and eliminates the need to carry separate devices for listening to high quality unadulterated music. This service is compatible with popular Nokia handsets based on Symbian Series 60 OS. Mundu Radio supports streaming at bit-rates as low as 24Kbps that makes it suitable for use on widely deployed GPRS networks. Mundu Radio heralds a new era of unlimited mobile entertainment for the new generation who are constantly on the move!

Access to dozens of pre-defined Digital Radio stations across all popular categories – Pop, Rock, Classical, Bollywood, Oldies, Instrumental, International and many more.

  • Also access to thousands of other radio stations around the world.
  • User defined play lists – allows the User to create a personal play list.
  • Quick access to most frequently tuned stations.
  • Intuitive, easy to use and rich User interface.
  • High quality MP3 audio playback.
  • Authentication & Secure Login to the Mundu Radio service.
  • Support for most popular handsets based on Symbian, Windows Mobile and Palm OS.

download Splus – Pocket Ruler

PocketRuler, Simple & useful application with rotation feature.


Warelex Mobiola Microphone v1.00 recorde

Turn your Phone into wireless or USB microphone for your PC!!! Use it with Skype, Yahoo, IM and many other applications. Main Functionality : * Turns mobile phone into a high quality microphone for PC * Connects over Bluetooth * Audio driver is compatible with all major microphone using applications


down load hotmail 2010 for nokia Windows Live Messenger (PROPER N95-2 VERSION)

Windows Live Messenger provides a dynamic way to talk with your friends, whether you’re on your device or PC. While chatting, you can also share pictures or voice clips from your phone. Create new contacts and easily synchronise them between your device and PC. If you’re already a Hotmail or Messenger user, all of your existing buddies will appear the moment you sign in.


5 download Minute Kaleidoscope 1.0

Paint interesting pictures within 10 seconds, increase your creativity. Using navigation button to move cursor and switch colours make it easy for everybody. Compatible with every cellphone, regardless of size and manufacturer.


Advanced Islamic Organizer v2.01 2010

Islamic Organizer simply helps adapt your smart phone to your culture to make your life easier. Islamic organizer helps managing Muslims practices in an interactive and advanced way whatever cultural differences between Muslims across the world.


JM2PC v3.00

This programme to link computers and mobile connectivity way clear through images and very easy.


Just For Laughs Player hahahaha

Watch funny Just for Laughs Gags videos. Every week you can download 25 new videos with JFL Player. Videos are stored in you mobile phone\’s memory or in memory card so you can watch them when you want. In case you download a lot of files, please check your data transfer fees from your telecom operator.


Web in Hand Delicious Mona v1.0

Delicious Mona is a news aggregator for your mobile phone, designed for your mobile lifestyle.
Free, and easy to use, Delicious Mona puts the news that matters to you under your thumb. You already enjoy your favorite news feeds on your desktop, now you can take them with you. And from within a mobile Story Player you can bookmark articles of interest straight back onto your desktop with a single mobile click. Your news in 360�.


Bluetooth File Manager v1.0

Finally Bluetooth file manager released !!!
Now browse another cell phone and copy, delete etc etc from your mobile you need to pair the device before use.


Magic Lights v1.0 GRPS Req

Turn your phone into a changing color flash light!
Play four pre-installed light shows or create your own user-defined color sequences. It’s as easy as setting up a slide show. Magic Lights features hard color changes or smooth transitions, so you can program everything from rhythmic disco lights to mellow ambient illumination.


convert txt to sms

Send SMS, Free TXT and attachments to your friend’s mobile numbers. FriendCast with a single TXT and everyone gets the message. Connect to your favorite applications such as Facebook, email and more. Any network, any operator. Get it now!


Paradigm Dictionary v2.0 for nokia

This is digital product of the longest-established Dictionary of English by Paradigm coaching Centre. It is one of the new generation Science dictionaries derived from the highly applauded technical database of the daily use. Dictionary of Science(Math_Phy_Cem&English) is particularly user friendly with its ingenious open design, with different elements starting on new lines. It offers outstanding coverage of Science and Technical words as well as normal English language words Supplementary features include notebook area giving information on related topic state-of-the-art and accessible information on the core vocabulary of current English Clear layout with each new section Usage notes included, giving clear guidance on points of new word and usage better clarity into etymologies Dictionary of Science(Math_Phy_Chem&English) is utilized directly by JAVA. Do not need any additional Dictionary viewer. This offers best experience in mobile reference and is available for any JAVA enabled handheld platform. Quick search of words while you type Dynamic search of words while you type with simultaneous word searching smart user interface This is the product that allow directly searching words; do not require internet connection.



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