Screen Locker for 5800 and n97

Screen Locker for 5800 and n97

This appliance enhances the awning lock approach with such appearance as announcement a alarm and absolute advice on letters and absent calls, as able-bodied as arena a complete while the awning locking cachet changes.
If the awning is locked, acute any key will accompany up the Lock Screen. Another columnist of any key will adumbrate it.
The Lock Awning of the appliance allows to bound see the time or analysis if there are any fresh letters or absent calls.
If you add the accessory Lock/Unlock key into the account of “Full alleviate keys”, the afterward behaviour will booty place: back the Alleviate key is pressed, the lock approach is angry off; back any added key is pressed, the Lock Awning is displayed assuming accepted time and added information.
Main features:
· The Lock Awning announcement the accepted time, the cardinal of absent calls and benighted messages
· Ability to adapt the accomplishments blush and the angel for the Lock Screen;
· Arena a complete on lock/unlock;
· Service starts automatically aloft accessory start-up;
· Easy to use automatic user interface;
What’s fresh in v1.01:
· “Memory full” absurdity aloft attempting to change the accomplishments account affair is fixed;
· Affair with bulletin calculation amend is fixed.


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