Hajj & Umrah for 5800

Hajj & Umrah for  5800

Hajj & Umrah:
A adaptable adviser for both journeys with multimedia agreeable in accession to the best acclaimed places that you can appointment on the way.
Features :
* Watch Flash based animations with account anecdotic the Umrah adventure and
each blazon of Hajj: Ifrad, Tamattu' and Qaran.
* See the pilgrim's assignment during the Hajj, with the advantage of ambience an active timing.
* Familiarise yourself with the best acclaimed Islamic places that you can appointment forth the route.
* View Umrah rituals, starting from the aeon afore Ihram to the end of assuming Umrah with illustrations, active pictures and the declared times (Mawaqeet) of Ihram.
* Select the accent you adopt from Arabic, English, French and Urdu.
* Search through all the agreeable and alike allotment it with your accompany via MMS and SMS


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