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MyPhoto is a ade

Time Capsule V3

Nokia 5800 Userguide For Our Valued 5800

Download Nokia User Guide to apprehend the abounding functions of Nokia 5800 ,and break all the issues of your Nokia 5800 after any artisan abilities ,to g

Paragon Handy Clock v4.11

Handy Alarm for Symbian S60 is able apple alarm and time administration application. 7 angle arch you accomplish altered things with your time.

SMS Bug v2.0

smsbug is a chargeless SMS Client appliance which is downloaded assimilate a JAVA-enabled adaptable phone. In adjustment to accomplish use of this fresh and agitative application, your adaptable buzz charge be Data-enabled, by this we beggarly either (GPRS/EDGE/3G)-enabled, provided by your adaptable operator.
smsbug leverages the ability of the Internet to accompany you an another avenue for sending SMS messages. You no best charge your adaptable abettor for the commitment of SMS messages. smsbug sends SMSs over GPRS/EDGE/3G through the Internet to the smsbug Portal, from area SM

Windows Live Messenger v5.501

Windows Live Messenger v5.501

download X Plore V1.34 5800 and n97


View all drives / folders / files on buzz in timberline appearance *
Text and angel viewer
View book details
Edit book attributes (hidden, read-only, etc)
Rename and annul files
Create or adapt argument files
Creating folders
Copy or move files and folders
Send files via Bluetooth or infrared
Extract files from ZIP, RAR, Jar archives
Pack files to Zip archive
View Word documents

download YourTube V0.9.0 Software

EBuddy V1.3 For 5800 And Nokia N97 Software download now

EBuddy V1.3 For 5800 And Nokia N97 Software download now

Chat with all your friends, everywhere
With the eBuddy Adaptable Messenger you can accept all your buddies from assorted IM accounts in one list.
You accept accompany on both MSN and yahoo? No problem, now you can babble with them all from your mobile. Even added networks will be accurate soon
Set your avatar with your cameraphone
With the eBuddy Adaptable Messenger you can allotment all the air-conditioned things you do in an accessible way. You can set your claimed bulletin and booty a cast fresh affectation picture, anon from your phone s camera.
Find the associate that you are attractive for
We apperceive you apparently accept a continued buddylist with abounding contacts. That s why the eBuddy Adaptable Messenger makes it actual accessible to acquisition the associate that you appetite to babble with.
You can chase the acquaintance account by selecting a letter on your keypad and you can array your contacts in any way you want.
Always ability your friends
The eBuddy Adaptable Messenger supports offline messaging. Appetite to allocution to a associate but he aloof went offline? Don t worry; aloof accelerate an offline bulletin beeline from your mobile. You additionally can accept offline messages.
As anon as you login, you will get all the letters that were beatific to you back you were offline.
What’s New:
- Color themes
- Much faster login
- Lower abstracts usage

Shake Phone 2.1.0

Joikusoft JoikuSpot Light v3.0.885 S60v5

Joikusoft JoikuSpot Light v3.0.885 S60v5

download free X-plore v1.50

Screen Locker for 5800 and n97

Screen Locker for 5800 and n97

This appliance enhances the awning lock approach with such appearance as announcement a alarm and absolute advice on letters and absent calls, as able-bodied as arena a complete while the awning locking cachet changes.
If the awning is locked, acute any key will accompany up the Lock Screen. Another columnist of any key will adumbrate it.
The Lock Awning of the appliance allows to bound see the time or analysis if there are any fresh letters or absent calls.
If you add the accessory Lock/Unlock key into the account of “Full alleviate keys”, the afterward behaviour will booty place: back the Alleviate key is pressed, the lock approach is angry off; back any added key is pressed, the Lock Awning is displayed assuming accepted time and added information.
Main features:
· The Lock Awning announcement the accepted time, the cardinal of absent calls and benighted messages

Resco Photo Viewer for n97 and 5800

Resco Photo Viewer for n97 and 5800

Use to view, adapt and allotment your images and to accord adorable presentations.
So abundant more good than the congenital viewer…
Excellent Viewer
· Abounding angel formats
· Speed, speed, acceleration everywhere: Images, thumbnails, navigation…
· Do you accept bags of images? No problem.
· Comfortable eyewitness with zoom, pan and blush adjustment
Nice Presentations
· Slideshow with adorable effects
· Customized slideshows (presentations)
· Slideshow music
Image management

Ram Stat for 5800 and n97

Ram Stat

Ram Stat for 5800 and n97
Description: RamStat is a widget, which artlessly shows Ram States. It shows:
* Full Amount of Ram
* Used Amount of Ram
* Free Amount of Ram
You could additionally use it as a Homescreen Widget

Quick Office Premier For S60 v5

Quick-Office-n97-5800-5530  -

office for x6 and 5800 and n97 
free softwar download on nokia zero

Phone Torch for 5800

Phone Torch for 5800

Features of PhoneTorch 2:
* Ablaze sources: beam LED and LCD screen, can be apart controlled
* Improved acceleration *NEW*
* Ablaze acuteness ascendancy of LCD awning *NEW*
* Emitted blush alternative of LCD awning *NEW*
* Autostart back buzz is angry on *NEW*
* Run PhoneTorch in accomplis

Operator Logo Changer for 5800

Operator Logo Changer for 5800

Operator Logo Changer for 5800
A nicecomputer application that absolutely accurate with Symbian S60 V.5 operating system. Easy to use and user friendly.
Acomputer application that replaces Operator Logo with user authentic logo or any added acceptable logo. That a user appetite for his screen.

Mr.Lock for 5800 and n97

Mr.Lock for 5800 and n97

Mr.Lock for 5800 and n97

Mr Lock is a account appliance for Symbian S60 V5 based mobiles (Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, N97, N97 Mini, X6, 5230 and 5530 XpressMusic). Mr Lock allows you to set auto lock timing for your mobile. Once enabled, it automatically locks your mobile.
You can accredit auto lock functionality in any of your called contour or on all profiles. You can additionally set this functionality on any perticular appliance or on all application. The auto lock aeon can be set in seconds. It additionally allows you to set exceptions (i.e. the applications on which you does not appetite auto lock).
Mr Lock appliance ability be advantageous for some. For me, it does not accomplish abundant sense. You can get this baby appliance here

download now for s60v5.

Moon Phases for 5800

Moon Phases for 5800

Moon Phases for 5800

This apparatus displays the Moon appearance and the Moon position in the zodiac for a accustomed date.
With MoonPhases you will be able to plan the best time for your adventurous date.

MobiXplorer ( File Manager ) for 5800 download

MobiXplorer ( File Manager )  for 5800 download

MobiXplorer is a useful, nice and charge accept book administration appliance for your mobiles. The appliance works on Symbian S60 3rd, FP1, FP2 and S60 5th copy based mobiles such as Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, N97, N97 Mini, X6, 5230, 5233 and 5530 XpressMusic.
MobiXplorer appliance is actual affluent in functionalities, not alone it does the basal book administration operations but additionally has appearance like awning capture, book encryption, compression, book protection, assignment administrator and abounding more. Upon ablution this app on your mobile, it displays the folders on your adaptable device. You can again cross through these folders.
From the Options card in the larboard basal of the screen, you are able to accomplish afterward operations-
1. Files ( Open, Refresh, Properties)
2. Book Utils ( Find)
3. Tools ( Assignment manager, Start Awning Capture, Restart Buzz and Turn ablaze On)
4. Misc ( Switch Layout, Buzz Info, Arrangement Info)
5. Settings ( General, Command Shortcut, Hex Viewer and Awning Capture)
You can accomplish book operation by highlighting a book and again baddest "Options"-> "Files". You can additionally encrypt/compress a book by activity into "Options"->"File utils". The encryption affection is acceptable for encrypting multimedia files so that they can not be accessible by crooked user. Awning abduction action is acclimated to abduction the accepted awning of your adaptable device. The appliance will run in accomplishments and you charge to columnist Camera key in adjustment to booty a screenshot.
You can additionally get buzz advice (Phone OS, System information) and arrangement advice (Mobile Country Code, Adaptable Arrangement Code) by selecting "Options"->"Misc". You can additionally administer countersign aegis to your files as able-bodied as adjustment agreement can be done via "Options"->"Settings" menu

nokia e71 software download
nokia e71 software download

nokia 6300 software download

download nokia c6 software

jFog for 5800

Here is a fun Java application jFog V2.10(0) for Symbian S60 5th edition based devices e.g. Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, N97, N97 Mini and 5530 XpressMusic.
jFog is a fun application that lets you wipe fog from your touch screen mobile. You can use your finger to wipe fog from the screen of your mobile screen. With jFog, you can draw cool stuff by wiping fog from the screen.
Make cool shapes, texts and save them as image, share it with your friends and have fun. You can impress your friends with the coolest app ever made for touch screen mobiles. Non-touch based mobile can use joystick to draw the same.

Holy QURAN for 5800

ASGATech has developed the "Quran", the most recent Symbian S60 5th archetype based adaptable appliance which works on Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, N97 and 5530 XpressMusic.
Read the abounding Holy Quran in othmani font, chase for words, bookmark any Ayah or Sura appliance a multi-lingual interface, accept to the Quran anecdotal by acclaimed reciters "Al-Hudhaifi, El Sodasyi and El shorim", apprentice the Quran Tajweed by a coloured archetype of the Holy Quran for anniversary chat for answer the appropriate rules of address and the adeptness to download the Quran audio files by ASGATech Quran Audio downloader.
The appliance agreeable is accustomed by Al Azhar Al-Shareef. The capital appearance of this appliance are-
* Friendly and adequate user interface that conveys the Arabic and Islamic attending and feel.
* Holy Quran is digitized Othmani chantry ( El Medina chantry style) and Medina Moshaf attending and feel( Chapters marks, Sajda Marks etc).
* The appliance UI is alien in Arabic, English, French, Urdu and Farsi language.
The application's Capital appearance includes:
* Holy Quran
* Quran Memorization
* Rules of Tajweed
* Search
* Favourites
* Download Audio

Hajj & Umrah for 5800

Hajj & Umrah for  5800

Hajj & Umrah:
A adaptable adviser for both journeys with multimedia agreeable in accession to the best acclaimed places that you can appointment on the way.
Features :
* Watch Flash based animations with account anecdotic the Umrah adventure and
each blazon of Hajj: Ifrad, Tamattu' and Qaran.
* See the pilgrim's assignment during the Hajj, with the advantage of ambience an active timing.
* Familiarise yourself with the best acclaimed Islamic places that you can appointment forth the route.
* View Umrah rituals, starting from the aeon afore Ihram to the end of assuming Umrah with illustrations, active pictures and the declared times (Mawaqeet) of Ihram.
* Select the accent you adopt from Arabic, English, French and Urdu.
* Search through all the agreeable and alike allotment it with your accompany via MMS and SMS

download Fun Flash n97

Fun Flash n97

A complex application co

Fast Installer for s60 v5

For the accumulation accession of a agenda of all files (sis, sisx, jar)
Can skip the accession of assorted chat boxes

Facebook soft ware for 5800 n97 x6

Facebook soft ware for 5800 n97  x6

Facebook ® for Nokia S60 Touch lets you accumulate up with your accompany appropriate at

AirMouse V1.0.0 Software download now

Air Abrasion instantly transforms your iPhone or iPod blow into an in air, wireless abrasion for your Mac or Windows computer! Sit aback and cream the web, browse your photo library or ascendancy your music amateur from the abundance of your couch. Air Abrasion uses the iPhone’s accelerometer to construe your duke motions into abrasion movements on your screen. It can additionally accomplish as a touchpad, acceptance you to ascendancy your computer with a distinct fingertip. Air Abrasion is an capital allotment of any home amphitheater computer and a presenter’s best friend. Features: – Motion analysis air abrasion – Touchpad – Keyboard – Scroll pad – No-config bureaucracy – Works with assorted servers – Left and Right abrasion buttons – Custom acuteness settings – No awning admeasurement limitation. Works with assorted monitors!
AirMouse V1.0.0 Software download now

Ipl Live On Your Mobiles Software

Watch IPL LIVE Broadcast Exclusive
Nokiamag bottle 10×10 Watch Ipl alive on your mobiles/Symbian: Alive links downloaded from actuality are .rm which tend to accessible with absence player. Cancel the action & rename the downloaded .rm to .ram which our players understand. Not consistently but generally, absence download area of .rm is /nokia/sounds/digital. Now abode the .ram in c:/nokia & run player1/2 & the alive articulation will appearance up in the media browser. Click to play!
Ppc/Windows: Nothing to worry, downloaded files are .ram & they accessible accurately in actual player. Play in fullscreen approach & acclimatize zoom to ample screen! 

now download ABContacts Lite V1.6 Software

now download ABContacts Lite V1.6 Software
Manage groups of contacts in your abode book. Double tap to appearance Quick accomplishments to accumulation email to accumulation or call, sms and email a contact. This app has about all the appearance of the congenital Contacts app but it adds the appearance to administer acquaintance groups, accelerate email to groups and quick acquaintance actions. And it works with the aforementioned annal so aggregate you do in ABContacts Lite will be visibile in Contacts and Buzz app and conversely. You don’t charge to use your computer and again accompany the buzz to actualize groups and accredit or abolish contacts to groups. Since you can alike a

Bluetooth Book Manager for Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

Bluetooth Book Manager for Nokia 5800 XpressMusic is an appliance to browse and archetype files from added devices. Actuality are some screenshots of the application
The appliance supports assorted languages and it makes bluetooth book alteration actual easy. You can download this Java appliance for Nokia 5800, Nokia N97, Nokia 5530, Nokia 5230, Nokia 5233, Nokia X6 from here.

download Device Diagnostics for 5800

Device Affection is a actual advantageous appliance for Symbian S60 V5 mobiles (Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, N97, N97 Mini, X6, 5230 and 5530 XpressMusic). With the Affection application, you can analysis several appearance of your device.
Following are some of the accessible affection tests:
Network Coverage Test: Checks the accepted arresting strength, Operator info, attendance of SIM card, offline contour and adrift status.
Internet Connectivity Test: Checks the internet admission settings on the accessory and identifies the alive settings for seamless internet access. If no settings are found, the analysis updates the accessory with fresh settings based on accepted account provider.
Battery Charger Test: Checks if the charger is affiliated and whether the accessory accuse properly.
Earpiece Test: Plays Nokia campanology accent over the earpience.
Loudspeaker Test: Plays Nokia campanology accent over the speaker.

download BMI Calculator software

download BMI Calculator software

BMI Calculator is actual able-bodied accepted and advantageous appliance that best of us commonly accept on our PC. This appliance is a beam based appliance that works on Nokia S60v5 mobiles. It account your Body Mass Index. It has advantage to accept both Metric and Imperial. It additionally provides you advice about BMI

Best Timer for nokia 5800

Best Timer for nokia 5800

Best Timer - all about barometer time.
It can about-face your buzz into able anxiety with lots of functions. Your adherent says she'll be accessible in 2 minutes? Aloof analysis how continued it absolutely takes Additionally it allows you to set up any cardinal of custom timers with a name, time to calculation bottomward and a arresting to be played back the time is over. Pizza timers, tea timers, custom reminders - aloof annihilation you charge to calculation down!
Features include:
* Assorted timers
* Visual and complete notifications
* Anxiety with 3 modes
* Pausing

Battery Life for 5800 and n97

Battery Life for 5800 and n97

- Displays your accepted array allegation percentage.
- Shows how abundant time is larboard until the array discharge.
- Shows the cardinal of allegation cycles and acquittal the battery.
- Displays the date and time you appetite to put the buzz on charge.
After 10 cycles

Antitheft Software for 5800 and n97 and x6

Are you attractive for an avant-garde antitheftcomputer appliance for your big-ticket adaptable accessories like Nokia 5800 XpressMusic or Nokia N97? If yes, again actuality is article acceptable for you. It's alleged Guardian. It's an avant-garde adaptable antitheftcomputer appliance for Symbian S60 5th copy devices.
Guardian gives your adaptable accessory the ability to -
* Send sim afflicted notification through airy SMS.
* Protect SMS/Phonebook/Agenda with password.
* Protect every installed appliance on your adaptable with password.
* Protect Guardian adjoin crooked uninstall.
* Receive the buzz call/Area/Country area informations.
* Add in absolute cardinal of sim to accustomed Sim list.
* Accurately localize the absent buzz accepting the GPS latitude/longitude information.
* Recover all the sms sent/received from the absent phone.
* Recover all the logs made/received from the absent phone.

* Recover the phonebook contacts from the absent phone* Delete from the absent buzz all the sms, contacts, pictures, videos download now

Contact Guide for 5800 and n97

Features :
* All types of operations with contacts: Call, SMS, MMS, accelerate e-mail,
opening web browser
* Quick chase of the appropriate contact
* Language absolute search
* Advanced Global chase of the acquaintance by any symbols from the claimed information
* Tabs in the abundant acquaintance list
* Support full-screen photos
* Support thumbnail

download Advance SMS for 5800

Power up your SMS capabilties with AdvanceSMS by Killer Mobile! AdvanceSMS is a affection arranged Built-in Symbian S60 applianc

download Advanced Device Locks Pro now

ADL Pro protects important advice and claimed abstracts on your phone. With ADL Pro you can bind admission to assertive applications, assure acute advice and annul it accidentally in case your buzz is absent or stolen.
With ADL Pro you can blow assured that if your buzz is absent or stolen, you will be notified of any crooked attack to use it and trace it back. You can lock the buzz remotely, about-face on an anxiety or annul your claimed advice by artlessly sending a argument bulletin with a predefined keyword.
Application and B

MobiXplorer File Manager for 5800 n97

MobiXplorer  File Manager for 5800  n97 

MobiXplorer  Fi

download now Zip Manager Touch

download now Zip Manager Touch

download now from 4 shared

download BeejiveIM V1.0.2 Software now

download BeejiveIM V1.0.2 Software now from 4shared

Nimbuzz Software for s60v5

chat software for 5800 & n97
decibel nokia s60v5
Nimbuzz Software for s60v5

Decibel Meter V1.0 Software for s60 v5

decibel meter symbian
Decibel Meter V1.0 Software for s60 v5
Ever admiration how loud a complete absolutely is? Well now you can with Decibel Meter! Decibel Meter uses your iPhone?s congenital in Mic to actuate the acuteness akin of sounds it picks up, and disp

Compass Software for s60v5

Stop Watch for 5800 & n97

Talkonaut V5.50.34

Talkonaut™ is free mobile calling, VoIP enabled, Google Talk™ like application for your mobile phonemag glass 10×10 Talkonaut v5.50.34 For 5800 and nokia n97. Talkonaut is available for three different mobile platforms: Symbian S60, Windows Mobile 5mag glass 10×10 Talkonaut v5.50.34 For 5800 and nokia n97/6 and J2ME with MIDP-2.0. Talkonaut is known to be working on more than 500 different mobile handsets.
Talkonaut™ supports Jabber, Google Talk, ICQ, MSN, AIM and Yahoo networks both for chatting and voice calling.

In new version:

- Connecting to Google Talk servers and Talkonaut now protected by default
- Talkonaut Jabber server now uses a certificate from VeriSign
- Contacts with the phone book added to the roster (can be customized to appear separate tabs)


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