DayHand Input Keyboard

The keyboard is far superior to Nokia/Samsung.
One key can have up to 5 characters (you get extra characters by supporting and dragging).

It has copy, cut, paste, home, end, symbols table, T9 dictionary in qwerty mode, type allows the advance in qwerty, international characters keyboard (personalized), allows you type more quickly and, as I said, it is fully customizable, leaving the community create more and more layouts (as iphone and Opera ones).
For each mode (landscape and portrait) there
is a 7 different keyboards (selectable in a button): English qwerty, international qwerty, abc keyboard, digital mode, edit mode, symbols table, dictionary selection. How to install? If you have already installed, you can disable it on the parameters otherwise you might get a may t delete file error.
Download the joint if you want to save some internal memory space, you can now also select only the desired layouts on the installer.
The Chinese Pack is meant for telephones not originally supporting double byte characters. You can leave verified and if you get an error, try to install once again uncheck. HOW TO USE? After installation, make sure that you restart your phone. No need to configuration, after restarting the keyboard will be active. You can test in writing a new sms.

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