iPhone HD / 4G on June 22, 2010

iphone hd concept
If you live somewhere outside the solar system by now you know the reputation that Apple wants to show the new iPhone HD or iPhone 4G on 22 June 2010 and later, towards the end of the year, be prepared if you throw the market a version of CDMA Mobile. The date for the service or e
ven notice the new iPhone was expected. The Apple iPhone traditional renewing each year and arrange to contact her new creation shortly before or shortly after mid-June. If the name is iPhone HD or iPhone 4G remains to be seen as appropriate for a separate model for the CDMA network of Verizon, it is understood in America.
If this information is confirmed in a few months, the new iPhone HD / 4G is expected to run iPhone OS 4.0, using A4 SoC, integrates camera for video calls, a screen resolution 960 x 640 pixels and enabled multitasking for iPhone apps.
The attentive will notice that the resolution 960 x 640 pixels is twice that of the current iPhone 3GS (320 x 480 pixels). This means that Apple and developers can easily adapt to the new iPhone apps analysis or by doubling the pixels and full screen mode as the iPad or writing the app from scratch.

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