Bye Bye Caller Fake Calling For Nokia 5800 & N97 & X6

Find an excuse to say byebye

You can simulate a fake incoming phone call (No real calls are made) on your phone, when you want to find an excuse to stop a boring conversation OR leaving the tedious meeting room.

Just start the application, a fake phone call will be activated after a delay (configurable, default is 30s). You can set the caller´s name/number and operator name, also you can choose whether to vibrate or blinking during the fake call. When the fake call starts, press the red button to stop it.

How To Use :

Activation Delay:set a delay to activate a fake phone call.
Light Blink:want the light blinking with the incoming call?set it!
Caller Name:your decision to make who will be coming to you.


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