3D Tank Shooting Game For Nokia 5800 & N97 & X6

Heavy Weapon is one of the best Java game to play on your mobiles. The game is all about shooting and firing. Aim your turret left and right to destroy enemy craft and bombs. Move your tank to avoid taking damage. Collect power-ups from the friendly white helicopter, but be careful not to shoot it down!

Release nukes to obliterate everything on the screen and collect the awesome Megalaser weapon for ultimate firepower. The year is 1984. Red Star forces have launched a surprise global invasion, overwhelming the brave but hopelessly outnumbered allied troops. Only one line of defence remains – the Atomic Tank!

Use the stylus to aim your turret and move your tank. Move the target down to aim at ground targets. Tap on the top left icons to release one of your collected nukes. At the end of each level assign upgrade points to each weapon category to increase your firepower. You can change the weapon selection each time you visit. There are three game modes:

1. Mission Mode: Blast your way through each level, upgrading your tank in the process as you attempt to reach the Red Star HQ and defeat the enemy once and for all!
2. Survival Mode: How long can you survive against a never ending onslaught of increasingly powerful enemy forces?
3. Boss Blitz: Dispense with troublesome minions and see how you stack up against each end of level boss, mano y mano!


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