Vlingo V1.03 is a Speech recognition application for Symbian S60 5th edition mobiles. Vlingo lets you control your mobile phone with voice. Speak to your phone to send a text or email message, call a friend, search the web, update your Facebook status and much more.
Vlingo uses your data network for speech recognition. This allows Vlingo to be more accurate and improve over time. The amount of data used is small, about 1 MB for every 150 times you speak to Vlingo.
Do a lot just by speaking. With Vlingo you can-
* Search the Web
* Dial by Voice
* Create a Note to self
* Open Applications
* Send Text Messages(Trial *)
* Send Email(Trial *)

* Send 5 text messages or emails with this free version of Vlingo. To send unlimited text messages and emails, get Vlingo Plus.

Vlingo provides flexible voice recognition. You can say anything to you think will get the task done. Here are some examples:

* To Search the Web, say: “Friends” or “Nokia” or “Search Pizza in Cambridge”.
* To Voice Dial, say: “Call Jon” or “Dial Mom” or “Dial Jack”.
* To Send a Text Message, say: “Send Message to Jon Message How are your Jon?” or “Send Message to Jack”.
* To Send Email, say: “Send Email to Jon Subject Hi Message I am going to club. See you there.”

Vlingo provides you an option to change the language the Spoken Language. You can select from English (UK), English (US), Espanol (Espana), Deutsch, Italiano, English (Finland) and English (AU). Other the language, you can also choose Web Search Engine to either Google or Yahoo!