V-Menu Signed Software download

Think we should always enter aMobileFunction, Start aSoftware, To how to do? Press about the white function keys to

enterSystemFunctional form, Zaiqu pull that thin scroll bar to find that we are using the functions and software.
Navigation menu, is to make the process smooth flowing together, press function key about the whole page after

slidingProgramThe list. Page directly display 15 programsIconMore than 12 icons and efficient system of 25%. To abandon

outdated difficult to useFileFolder instead of the same like the iPhone slide page mode, dragging a finger, and then click

on, is that simple!

Navigation menu completely free and is widely acclaimed s60v3 “Navigation Desktop” in the same series of software. Main

features are
1. Using inertial sliding menu menu instead of the system comes with a finger drag directly in the function table next page,

do not be hard pressed to point scroll bar
2. 3 * 5 per released a total of 15 icons and efficient. Long press the icon directly into edit mode
3. Integrates a task manager
4. Long pressScreenEnter the edit mode, you can place the software icon on the free movement (which can move across pages)


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