The Symbian ^ 4 is like the best but Android

symbian4 Direct UI Concept
We have seen the boring and very interesting Symbian ^ 4 con
cept videos on the mechanical characteristics of Nokia, the Symbian Foundation and the hackers around the world want for the new version of. Clearly, multiple home pages screens, widgets, etc. There are other cell phones. At this time the Symbian ^ 4 reminds so much of Android but it is better and different.
Both Symbian ^ 4 and the Android is open source. In practice this means that anyone with enough desire, imagination and time can write code that will make him God. A patch for the operating, an app that will bring up - down. But there are some features that make the Symbian and especially Symbian ^ 4 a better platform.
Nokia has delivered the hardware. Until now the high end of Finns have mobile incredible specs, at least on paper. Even the failure to name N97 has so many electronics, excellent Carl Zeiss lens and amazing form factor that no other phone has failed to integrate. Unfortunately, the S60 was the black hole that sucked all the good. By Symbian ^ 4 by Nokia and other manufacturers can combine the same quality hardware with a modern operating to cut ties with the past and will pave his way with all that we already know, using multitouch capacitive screens, ARM Cortex-A8 processors, etc.
These are of interest to users. The developers however have the option to use Qt to develop their applications. In practice this means that code once and run in many different platforms including mobile, smartphones and PCs. Unrealistic scenario at present, but in fact a technical track. The only thing missing is marketing and the right incentives to create the ecosystem.
An ecosystem hitherto dominated by Nokia. The share market is huge, even after the tremendous success of the iPhone that has managed to double its market share but still lags far behind. The Android made a tremendous effort and seems to sell 60,000 mobile day and yet remains insignificant at present. Again, if the Nokia smart move, create opportunities and incentives to exploit the huge market run the Symbian ^ 4 has a bright future as a platform.
Time will tell whether the enforcement of the idea has the same effect when the new iPhone is in the making, the Android is incredibly beautiful devices and the RIM enters the site Webkit maintaining the current position in the corporate world. The 2010 will be an incredible year.

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