Nokia 5230, perceptions of the super small

Nokia 5230 hands on
The Nokia 5230 is small in the eye and the price but you can not say the same for the touch screen of 3.2 inches and resolution 640 x 360 pixels (nHD). Bluetooth 2.
0, quad band GSM, 3G, GPS, camera resolution 2 megapixel, radio and 3.5mm jack for headphones. All this for around 120 euros, if it's been in the Greek market and the new reduced price of Nokia.
With such low cost and ability to function as a phone, the 5230 is out of a cheap mobile GPS for the car and a music player that does much more than music. The Ovi maps now free, and turn-by-turn navigation with touch screen things are very simple. The same goes for music. Small, convenient, fit easily into your pocket and can answer to SMS the same time as listening to music on the go.
The camera is not great and needs good light, but adds something more to all that is available under the command of S60 5th Edition. Paradoxically, the engineers have done a crazy job for both low end mobile phone. The menu options change and lightning, no relation to what you're used to expensive S60 mobile. It is terrible what is optimized operating in 5230 and how quickly it responds to user requirements. By switching off the irritating vibration feedback to each type tap the screen, you can write SMS to the virtual keyboard as quickly and the iPhone.
The Nokia 5230 is the perfect solution even for Mom and Dad, for those looking for a cheap mobile phone or want to buy mp3 player or GPS with more than 120 euros. We do everything perfectly, but does it all very well at a basic level of operation, combining low prices and quick menu. I do not think that today is worth to buy mp3 player where you can get the 5230 and send SMS with a card, etc. This is super small enough to have realized that small.

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  1. I am planning to give this mobile on my wife's birthday which comes in this month (April, 2010) i think i would be excellent gift for her, as she was talking about big screen phones...

    I think it lacks Wi-Fi feature ?????

    thanks for excellent review

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