n96 vs nokia zero

The battery cover on my n96 fits terriblly so that everytime you do anything with the phone, you hear and feel it creak making using it quite unpleasent.

Does anyone have a similar problem or a fix? It has been like that since I got it on 02 contract. I thought it just needed to bed in...sadly my 14days are up and its worse than ever.

Would this be another 18 month problem......

Secondly, tried to install the S60 calculator from nokiabetalabs....there are two file...a .jar and a .jod....the .jar install fine and the calculator starts but quickly comes up with an error message: Arthmetric java.lang.arthmetricexception /by zero

I must add I am unable to install the.jod file as my pc does not recognise the extension.... I would appreciate any help.....

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