iPhone 4 say hello again iPhone 4

iPhone 4 concept
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ass and we all wait for January 27, 2010 for the big announcement iSlate tablet,iPhone 4  rumors and leaks about the new iPhone 4th generation flare. Apple is the phenomenon but we know already. This time, the Korean Times reported statements from a strain of KT (mobile in Korea) that the new iiPhone 4 Phone is expected in March - April and the first sales will beginnew iphone 2010 in June. Also mentioned the existence of the second camera for video calls, OLED screen, flash the new camera of 5 megapixels and a removable battery. Rumors, leaks informatinew iphone 2010on and iPhone 4 remind you, nothing more.iPhone 4
If anything, Apple will not incorporate the new iPhone is tnew iphone 2010he flash and removable battery. Yes the camera will be upgraded but this is the only upgrade the track called camera. Can the Koreans to go crazy for viiPhone 4 deo calls, but with forecasts for iPhone sales of 500,000 when the numbers do not justify such a sacrifice. As for the OLED screen is the only image that seems to havnew iphone 2010e some substance because match developments and can make considerable saving on the battery to be fed into dual core CPU in the newiPhone 4  iPhone 4.
new iphone 2010
iPhone 4 

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