HTC Hero Android 2.1 from XDA ROM course

The moment that many expevcted has arrived. The nice guys from XDA to a port seems to be very fast, abhtc hero android 2.1 xdale to upgrade HTC Hero in Android 2.1 to the WiFi to work fine. The screhtc hero android 2.1 xdaenshots speak on their own. If you want to test you take a look at the foruhtc hero android 2.1 xdaafter you have backup the universe and you have a problhtc hero android 2.1 xdaem if the Hero does not turn on ever again.
Some comments from Dimitri who htc hero android 2.1 xdainstalled the new Hero Android 2.1 ROM: "2 things I noticed in 2.1 when holding the home button pressed opens the task manager (select open apps). If you are already in the home screen and press the home button, narrow all home screens and displayed on a screen to choose in which screen you want to go (something like what you do when you walk Vista alt + tab ".
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