Flash Lighter Widget For Nokia S60v5 Mobiles

Here’s a cool application for the Nokia 5800,  N97, Nokia 5530, Nokia 5230,  X6 & Nokia 5233 . Except the obvious function the application also gives you tons of other light applications like:
- LAMP, a simpl
e white screen.
- Strobe, to call for attention (or hypnotize someone ?_o).
- Fader, with fade-in/fade-out light, like a lighthouse.
- SOS, that spells s.o.s in morse code.
- Disco, random bright colorful lights, like a disco.
- PEN, in which you can draw temporary light forms.
- Starlight animation(heavy on CPU).
- LOVELYGHT, just a visual test, also good for the loved ones.
- LIGHTER , for fun on a concert, as you can see on the picture.
- Match, pretty much like lighter.
- Candle, pretty much like match, with a twist.
- Eye of mordor, for geeks like me.
- LightSaber with sounds. Press top, middle or bottom of the screen for diferent effects, or use your keypad.
- Android boot animation
- Knight rider fade.
- Evil eyes on the dark.
- Firefly, click for interaction.
- Bicycle light, click to brake.
- Customize, only for some models that dont light up on the opening, still with bugs.
- Exit, obviously to leave the application, you can also use the ENTER (in the middle of the keypad) at any moment.


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  1. I don't smoke but certainly i would like this application on my Nokia 5800 cellphone. It is funny one...

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