download Flver

Support multiple playlists, allowing the lflverist to add / delete / move / rename /, and other operating! Support both languages, at the commflverencement of proceedings Automatic Identification Systflverem
Always support the backlight, and will the human nature of
flver automatic continuous playback so that the total liberation of your finflvergers!
Only one document, only 17 KB size, easy installation, delete m
flverore convenient! language, and the international track! Added Flv support batch video files, can be realizeflverd Chinese figures (that is, capital letters) format batch add! support automatically detect the length of time Flv document, and display the list! support full-screen playback, playback can be implemented fast forward /flver backward / suspend / entry list, and other operationsflver!
Installation notes
The annex will be downloaded Flver.swf into E: / OTHERS / fol
flverder with FlashLite3 opened, you can start the Flv video surf trip!flver
(Proceedings of the first performance at the List View will pausflvere two seconds or so, as the initialization process is the list data, wait a moment to autflveromatically entered)
Note: Please put video file E: / OHTERS / flv / folder, in the addition flverof new documents, it is not necessary input path “flv /”flver

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