download Fingertip Access Ultimate SMS V.2.9.1 Software

Fingertip Access Ultimate SMS V.2.9.1 Software
Ultimate SMS satisfies all your SMS sending/receiving needs. It keeps all your SMS messages private and safe on your phone. It schedules automatic SMS sending for you. It filters out unwanted SMS by senders and contents you specify. It notifies you of new incoming SMS using customized alert tones for different phone numbers / contacts of your choice. It also can send encrypted SMS to people in a list of you own. It lets you create template SMS and assign hotkeys to those templates so that you send a predefined SMS by simply pressing some keys on your phone screen. It groups all your messages into conversation thread based on senders and receivers so that you can view messages in context. It also reminds you of unread SMS periodically. It generates monthly SMS usage report for you.
With Ultimate SMS, you can also export all your incoming and outgoing SMS on your phone to a text file. All your incoming and outgoing messages are encrypted inside some internal database, and no body, no other applications can access those messages.
New in Version 2.9
* Schedule message sending directly from message editing screen without the need to create a template first.
* Bug fix related to tone playing.
* Bug fix related to grouping messages into conversation.
* Bug fix related to editing weekly and daily schedule.
* bug fix related to auto reply/forward weekly schedule

Download Fingertip Access Ultimate SMS V.2.9.1 Software


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