download Best Timer Application For Nokia S60v5 Mobiles

Best Timer – all about measuring time.
It can turn your phone into powerful stopwatch with lots of functions. Your girlfriend says she’ll be ready in 2 minutes? Just check how long it really takes Additionally it allows you to set up any number of custom timers with a name, time to count down and a signal to be played when the time is over. Pizza timers, tea timers, custom reminders – just anything you need to count down!

Features include:

* Multiple timers
* Visual and sound notifications
* Stopwatch with 3 modes
* Pausing functionality
* Ability to snap time at any moment
* Split time or multiple lap features

What’s new in v2.00:
* Timer alarm respects silent profile now
* If the current profile allows vibration then the timer alarm uses vibration as well.
* Help file is added
* Both S60 3rd edition and S60 5th edition are in one installation file now.


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