downlaod Hack Proof Password Manager For 5800 And N97 Software

Hack Proof Password Manager For 5800 And N97 Software
I have been looking for an application that can store information and protected by password. I’m sure that there are a few of them out there but this one is absolutely free. It’s called Hack Proof Password Manager. Based on its name, it’s hacked proof, although I can’t it prove myself, I’ll take their word for it.
When you first load the app, it’ll ask for a password, which will become your global password. Meaning, if you or someone else tries to log in and doesn’t know the password, the only other option is to erase all data or quit the app. The interface on this app is user-friendly. Under options you can add, delete and update information. You can change your password, and export and import your data file. You can also get the option menu when you double click and hold data under content list.
There are a lot to choose from when it comes to adding data type. A few of them are bank account, email information, combination lock and network login. It even has general purpose, which I think can be use to put some personal notes. There is a lot of information that you can select when adding information to a type of data. Aside from password, account number, pin code. There are a few more that can be use to input data. The app is set to close after certain amount of time of no use, although it’s not configurable. My guess is about two minutes.
I think overall this application is a very powerful and useful. It can be use to store important information and it’s absolutely free.

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