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A good start...

by behind the mask

Reviewing a free app can be challenging. Since it's free, one doesn't want to be too critical. Yet, it's still important to register one's impressions. Since this app is billed as "an interface to the free Google Translate API," I think it's fair to compare it to Google's own iPhone-optimized translation page.

• Although I like the way Free Translator allows the user to specify the source and target languages upon launching, the problem is that it asks you *every* time you launch the app. This is tedious. (Google's web app remembers your previous settings each time you visit.)

• Also, Free Translators translations appear in a "bubble window," which then has to be dismissed. And upon returning to the app, your previous translation has disappeared. (Google's web app keeps all of your translations in a list, so you can scroll down to see previous translations.)

My favorite thing about Free Translator is its icon. (Nicely done!) Otherwise, since Google's translation web app has more features, I frankly don't see any advantage to using Free Translator -- other than having a great icon. :-)

Developer: If you can (a) make Free Translator remember our source and target languages, (b) put our translations in a normal window, and (c) make Free Translator keep our translations in a running list, so we can refer to them later by simply scrolling down; then, at that time, I'll be happy to give Free Translator 5 stars.

Until then, I'm going to stick with Google's web app.


by WilliamGalindo

This app is perfect; nice, simple, looks like something Apple would have designed. Just have a few suggestions. 1) Add more translations. 2) Change the "clear" bottom to an "X" on the bottom of the field. 3) Option for landscape mode. 4) This is a long shot but audio translations would be great!


by Boywithstick This is a very simple and easy to use app. The Spanish phrases I tested were correct.

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